Together We Can End #PeriodPoverty

Founding member Domtila Chesang met with young women in Kenya to discuss period poverty. Here’s some snapshots of her grassroots work

As a changemaker and grassroots advocate, AWRA founding member Domtila Chesang has been creating awareness on #periodpoverty in Kenya. She has helped educate girls on menstrual hygiene so that they experience safe periods with dignity and without stigma.

Period Poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education & more. This makes it harder for women & girls to manage their periods safely & with dignity. The cultural shame attached to menstruation and lack of access to resources stops women and girls from going to school or working every day.

As a result of Period Poverty many women and girls are forced to use unhygienic substitutes for menstrual products.

Social stigma makes it difficult for girls and women living in conflict zones, impoverished areas, and vulnerable communities to manage their periods.

Every woman and girl has the right to go through her monthly cycle safely and with dignity. Let’s end the stigma and put an end to Period Poverty.