A group of African activists, thought leaders and entrepreneurs have banded together to form

The African Women Rights Advocates Movement

  • It is a fact that women and girls are the most impacted when disasters or emergencies arise.
  • African women deserve to be represented in decision-making circles.
  • Survivor-led movements are essential in order for women and girls to thrive.
  • African women, girls, and youth must truly believe that they deserve to thrive.
  • Sustainable development requires community engagement in decision-making and ownership of the implementation processes.

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When Your Parent Has Mental Illness: Healing From Childhood Trauma

In Middle Eastern, Arab, and African households, the predominant belief is that family and blood ties mean unconditional respect, devotion, and loyalty – even if these family members have been your primary cause of trauma. Growing up in a family of five, I had a pretty stable childhood. My Dad was the big […]


Teenager Bassant Khalid’s Suicide Highlights the Brutality of Slut-Shaming Culture in Egypt

Earlier this month news, Bassant Khalid committed suicide in Egypt after being blackmailed with deep fake photos. The news was devastating to the Egyptian public, and her death was met with shock and disgust. Egyptians stood by the 17-year-old, and many condemned the young men who blackmailed Bassant. Others also demanded their arrest. […]


Meet Ola Labib — the first Black Muslim Sudanese woman to perform at the O2

Happy New Year to all AWRA allies and members out there! We’re excited to start the New Year celebrating the accomplishments of African women. In this exclusive interview, AWRA co-founder Reem Abdellatif speaks with Sudanese-British comedian Ola Labib, who is known for her charming personality and edgy humor. Ola is currently the only […]