A group of African activists, thought leaders and entrepreneurs have banded together to form

The African Women Rights Advocates Movement

  • It is a fact that women and girls are the most impacted when disasters or emergencies arise.
  • African women deserve to be represented in decision-making circles.
  • Survivor-led movements are essential in order for women and girls to thrive.
  • African women, girls, and youth must truly believe that they deserve to thrive.
  • Sustainable development requires community engagement in decision-making and ownership of the implementation processes.

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‘Purity culture’ is wounding women and sexual assault victims across Africa

There is nothing as damaging as the teachings of purity culture. I would know this as a woman living in Nigeria where our traditions and two main practiced religions are ardent enforcers of the patriarchal principle. While it is common knowledge that both Christianity and Islam preach purity and chastity before marriage […]


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Gender discrimination has been a long-standing crisis in Egypt for far too long. With the 80th Session of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) taking place this month, we urge the Egyptian government to commit to promoting and protecting the rights of women and girls, and […]


4 Ways We Can Support Women’s Economic Empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa

The creative manufacturing and handmade sector is the second largest employer in developing countries. The African continent is renowned for its diverse culture and heritage. Many handmade artisans in rural Africa contribute to the development of their regions by crafting unique products for the local and international markets. These products are not limited […]