Our objective is to empower women and girls through mentorship, sensitization, and education. Education is one of the surest ways to end all forms of gender-based violence (GBV), including female genital mutilation (FGM). We work with women and girls so that they can use their collective voices to attain their sexual health and reproductive rights, achieve environmental justice, and the right to bodily autonomy. AWRA also works as a pressure group so that governments are aware of the reforms and policies that must be developed and amended to empower girls, women, and survivors of GBV. AWRA also develops educational tools to campaign for change, both in online and offline spaces. We work with our communities using our collective experiences with overcoming intergenerational violence and trauma. Communities are most responsive when they learn about the impacts of GBV, FGM, and the benefits of educating women and girls through storytelling. We do this in their local languages by working closely with grassroots activists and our founders on the ground across the continent of Africa.

As a member-led movement shaped by our vision, principles, and values, AWRA will provide its network, which includes individuals and organizations, with the following:


One of our goals is to create calls to action on policies affecting African women and girls everywhere to drive transformational change and impact.

Amplified Work

Get their work amplified on AWRA website, social media as well as editorials on other major media outlets.


Commission solution journalism editorials highlighting impact and change.

Academic Partners

Partner with universities and research institutions to produce biennial contributions, peer reviews, reports on the status of health and wealth of African women in the continent.


Take part in conversations, trainings, mentorship and networking opportunities.