“A New Dawn for Children”: FGM Survivor Writes Her Second Children’s Book

This blogpost was written by Ruth Harley, and first appeared on the website of Global Media Campaign to End FGM.

AWRA founding member Sadia Hussein has written her second book about children’s rights to educate youth by sensitizing them against harmful cultural practices especially female genital mutilation, child marriage, teenage pregnancies, rape, sodomy, child labor, and defilement. Sadia is based in the Tana River county in Kenya.

Below Sadia is interviewed by a young boy on her new children’s book:

The book talks about how children can use digital technology to prosper and use it to solve some of the challenges society faces today. Sadia also stresses the need for parents to support children in not only their schooling but also their talents.

“If we can understand… the future we want for our children… Then as well as going to school we should support our children’s unique talents,” Sadia said.

Brian King, clearly a young interviewing genius asked Sadia powerful questions in a perfect sequence:

“You mention you have three daughters. How easy is it for them to understand and relate to the book,” said Brian.

Sadia responds:

“The book itself is simple for those from all backgrounds, including easy illustrations. The book sensitizes children to understand their rights.”

“The book seeks to empower children and achieve a world free from all forms of violence and to enhance the capacity of children towards education. Many children go to school to pass exams, but A New Dawn for Children empowers them to seek knowledge to transform society to be brighter for us all by turning the existing challenges into opportunities.”

“Every child has a unique talent that needs to be explored to their full potential. If we intend to transform cultures, we must invest in children because they are the children that should not inherit harmful cultures. A New Dawn For Children aims to fill the gap that many failed to realize. Build a foundation for children who acknowledge education as a tool to success. Initiate a forum that can achieve SDG4, Children rights, CRC, and all other declarations through enhancing the understanding capacity of children.”

This is Sadia Hussein’s second book. The Hidden Scars of FGM is her first. She continues to be a role model especially for survivors, and of course Kenya.

Below is a video from Sadia’s book launch – “A New Dawn for children”

Esraa Wagih

The Author

Esraa Wagih is a research and social media intern at AWRA. She is a fierce feminist who graduated from the British University in Egypt with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. Esraa also studied Business Administration and Economics and has participated in several undergraduate activities from 2017-2020. She interned at the Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo, Egypt (2020) and at the International Department of the National Council for Women in Egypt (2019).