#ReclaimTheNarrative: Mainstream Beauty Standards Were Made to be Broken

Diaka Camara is the CEO of CBC Worldwide.

Within our own communities across Africa, many people still think that beauty means straight hair, lighter skin, or thin cinched waists. Sometime throughout history, society decided that these features should be the standard of beauty. These Eurocentric beauty paradigms often exclude black and brown women, their traditional attire, darker skin tones, or various body types.

While change is never easy, this narrative is finally changing. Black women and girls are defying these standards, which can be harmful to women of color. Guinean journalist, TV host, and producer Diaka Camara is one of those women.

In this latest episode of #ReclaimTheNarrative, AWRA Co-founder and Host Reem Abdellatif sat down Camara to discuss how women can smash impossible and superficial beauty standards. Camara, through her production company called CBC Worldwide, creates compelling content that is made by Africans for Africans — and the rest of the world — to showcase the beauty and diversity of Africa.

Camara is also the creator of Le Mannequin, a reality TV show in Guinea that brings together 15 women from across the country under one roof. The cameras follow them throughout their modeling journey, from training to glamorous photo shoots as they challenge their own perceptions of beauty standards.

Camara and Abdellatif discuss how African women are changing the narrative and forcing the beauty industry into a much-needed self-reckoning. Watch the full episode on our YouTube channel.